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What is Bluetooth?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Bluetooth is a wireless technology

It is a technology that allows the exchange of data between different devices. Bluetooth uses wavelength to transmit information, but generally works within a short distance. In short, Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that operates in the 2.4GHz free ISM band. Because this is a free band, Bluetooth products need no special licenses to operate. Typical Bluetooth range is around 10 meters, though there are some higher-range models available.

You are probably familiar with how Bluetooth technology works and have used it to pair with your phone or tablet. Simply, Bluetooth is the technology that enables exchange of data between devices within a short amount of distance. The difference between Bluetooth and, say, the radio waves from the broadcast sent out by your favorite pop station is that Bluetooth waves don't travel very far and are constantly switching frequencies. Most Bluetooth devices only have a maximum connectivity range of about 30 feet, as long as nothing is in the way like a wall. There are all sorts of hardware that uses it like headphones, computer mice, or the head unit in your car. Handsfree calling, media transfer (sharing photos/contacts/etc), wireless mice/keyboards, audio streaming, cordless phones, wireless game controllers, in-car calls and audio are some of its popular use cases.

As Bluetooth evolved from its inception in 1998 to its latest (and perhaps most popular) version - Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) - version 4.0 and up.

Android and iOS both work with Bluetooth LE. Nearly all major operating systems (including mobile) provide Bluetooth support.


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